NorthEast Planes Aviation, Inc.

Single Engine Certified Aircraft

We offer a Piper Warrior, IFR equipped and certified. It has 4 seats and room for 100 pounds of baggage. With a cruise speed of 120 knots, you can be anywhere in Colorado in less than 3 hours. Weekend getaway anyone?


(888) 981-8808

P.O. Box 205, Hillrose, CO 80733

Twin Engine Aircraft​

Our twin is a Piper Seminole. With counter rotating engines, it is one of the safest twins for training made. Graduates of OUR training course can rent this plane with only 25 hours total multi engine experience.

For those qualified pilots, it is the rental airplane that really gets the job done. With 5 hours of fuel, you can be 800 miles away in less time than it takes to drive to Denver International, go through security, wait at the gate, and board your flight. It is more comfortable too, since everybody has a window seat!